A International Benefits Points

The International Benefit Points (IBP) is an American company that offers products and services in the USA through points of the main Brazilian Loyalty Programs.

IBP brings a new entertainment meaning, overflowing fun, and benefits concepts through points and miles across the board. IBP platform connects Brazil and the United States in a vast international network of services and products.

Through points and miles, you can have access to a global community of fun, that englobes cuisine, theme parks, leisure, shows, shopping, among others. An infinity of benefits!

Are you missing money to do all you and your family want in your trip? With IBP, you can exchange, buy, or finance points in your international purchases, even before your departure date.

In a partnership with Brazilian banks, IBP app brings the possibility to obtain personal finance credit to your trip.

IBP brings innovative features, like the facility to finance IBP points. IBP points can be obtained thru the IBP app, in our accredited establishments, or can also be exchanged for points in other loyalty programs.

Enjoy life has never been so easy! Use your points!