Car hire in Orlando is best?

“Hey guys, welcome to Malucas & Piradas”!

Today we’re going to talk about a very important topic for those who are coming to Orlando, which is the car rental.

Orlando has a geography a little different from other American cities. Basically flat, streets and avenues very long and lots of space. The famous quote “It’s just 20 minutes,” is a long distance. With 1 hour here, we drive to the coast of Florida.


The hotspots here are in separate cities: Disney parks in Lake Buena Vista, Universal parks and Sea World in Orlando and Busch Gardens in Tampa. These routes are around 20 miles away. It’s far away almost most of time through highways.


Here in Orlando you don’t usually use public transport like in NY. So, renting a car is necessary because besides the convenience of not having to wait for the UBER or look for a TAXI, you end up saving money.

Saving up? That’s it. Each UBER ride costs around $20 to $40 depending of the distance/time. So, if you go to the theme park, go to a restaurant and pass by at Walmart, you can spend around $100 just with transportation.


In Orlando you can rent a car, when you are 21 years and having valid driver’s license. Most rental companies charge fees for drivers between 21 and 25 and require international credit card in the name of the reservation’s holder for the deposit (they don’t rent a car without a deposit).


In the USA there are basically two types of insurance: the one that covers damages to third parties, which is mandatory and already included in the daily rates, the insurance that covers the vehicle against damages, theft, etc. Be aware of what your reservation covers and be careful because sometimes they’ll try to push all kinds of insurance when you arrive here at the airport, especially if you do not have a sharp English. Another practice of some websites is to report that there are all insurance included and when you arrive here they are not.

That’s why here at IBP Club you can rent a car with Smart Choice Rental Cars, without these headaches, with service in Portuguese, GPS included, baby seat, free mileage, toll system where you pay only the used, driver additional and safe COMPLETE. Simple, cheap and safe. They are still renting stroller if you need to. All in one place!


The cheapest gasoline used is at 87 and is suitable for all types of cars. The compact / mid-size sedans have 13 to 16-gallon tanks (Toyota Corolla, Hyundai Elantra, Mazda 3 and Hyundai Sonata, Chrysler 200, Ford Fusion) and the 20- to 25-gallon Mini Vans (Dodge Grand Caravan, Kia Sedona, Chrysler Pacifica and Nissan Quest). Gasoline today costs on average $ 2.40 a gallon with 3.78l (something around R $ 2.00 a liter of Gasoline).

To fuel, you drive to the car in front of one of the pumps (remember to see her number), go inside the convenience store and tell the box the amount you want to put and the pump number: — “$ 20 on pump number 5 (important to talk: it is not bomb, but PUMP). Get back in the vehicle and start refueling. The machine will stop when it reaches the amount you requested to the cashier. If the tank fills before reaching the value, just take the coupon and go back to the convenience store that the attendant will give the change.

Whenever we are asked about getting around Orlando, our statement is: RENT! Driving in Orlando is pleasurable and certainly brings a new experience to your trip.

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