A International Benefits Points

International Benefit Points (IBP) is an American company that offers an accredited network of products and services in the US through points of the main Brazilian Loyalty Programs.

Who we are?

From our website (www.ibpclub.com) and our application (IBP Club), you have a world of entertainment in the US at your reach, with just one click away. From famous restaurants to great attractions!


How do I trade my Points for IBP Products?

It is easy!

1. Select the category of your interest and choose from a universe of options.
2. Once you have chosen the product(s) you want to purchase, click on the “Buy with Points” option, which will show you the values in points for each Loyalty Program.
3. Choose with which Loyalty Program you want to make the purchase, finalizing it on the website of the Loyalty Program.


1- After the purchase, validate the voucher received by email at: www.easylive.com.br/ibp
2- If you do not receive confirmation of your purchase within 72 hours, please contact the loyalty program where you made the purchase.

Buy the product with IBP points?

  1. Choose the product and click on the ‘COMPRAR’ icon.
  2. Select the item quantity and click on the ‘USAR PONTOS IBP’ icon.
  3. If you do not have enough points’ balance, select the ‘COMPRAR PONTOS IBP’ icon.
  4. Choose how many months (up to 24 months) you want to pay your product your entire balance.
  5. Insert your debit/credit card information to place your points order and click on the ‘COMPRAR’ icon.
  6. Insert your 6 digits redemption password and place your order.
  7. A confirmation email will be send to you and validate your purchase clicking on the sent link.
  8. Ready! You will get a QR-CODE to be read and used. Now you can enjoy and have fun!

Can I purchase more than one product in the same purchase?

Yes! You can purchase as many products as you want, if you have enough points! For more specific questions, please contact us through the “Contact Us” on our website!

Can I exchange my points for products for someone else?

Yes, according to the loyalty program in which you are registered!

Check the rules for each of them.

I want to travel, but I do not have enough points to buy all the products for my trip. What do I do?

Through IBP app, you can make points purchases with your debit/credit card to buy your desired products and services.


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